City of Heroes Secret Origins!

City of Heroes CCG: Secret Origins BoosterOctober 13, 2006 – The City of Heroes Collectible Card Game released it’s first expansion today, adding more heroes, more powers, and more actions to it’s card pool. With 22 new and exciting supers to power your decks with, Secret Origins can help you pack plenty of whallop when you slug it out with your competitors! This product is available now from all fine game and hobby store retailers. What? Your store doesn’t have Secret Origins in yet? Well march on down there today with your best two City of Heroes decks, teach that Game Store owner/employee how to play, and make sure they see just how great and fun this game is! Once you show them how fun the game is…they’ll be sure to stock it. Keep the faith, true believers…there’s more to come!

If you still can’t get it, you can always buy it from the AEG Online Store!!

Gencon Socal 2006!

Gencon SoCal 2006 is almost upon us, and AEG is looking forward to seeing all of you there! We’ve got plenty of events for City of Heroes on the schedule as you can see below, and it does look to be a great and fun 4 days! All of the Warlord CCG events will be held in Hall D. If you have any questions about the AEG Gencon Socal schedule, email Customer Service.

Date Time Event Name Ticket Cost
11/16 4 pm Battle Pack Event
Entry fee includes a City of Heroes Battle Pack and 3 Booster Packs
11/17 10 am Battle Pack Event
Entry fee includes a City of Heroes Battle Pack and 3 Booster Packs
11/17 4 pm Constructed
Bring your best 50-card constructed deck and battle it out in the streets of Paragon City
11/18 12 pm Constructed
Bring your best 50-card constructed deck and battle it out in the streets of Paragon City
11/18 4 pm Battle Pack Event
Entry fee includes a City of Heroes Battle Pack and 3 Booster Packs
11/19 10 am Battle Pack Event
Entry fee includes a City of Heroes Battle Pack and 3 Booster Packs



Hero Melee Madness!

THE FINALS: Lady Grey v Positron

Welcome, Ladies and Gentlemen to the grand finale of our illustrious contest! On opposite ends of the arena stand our final two contestants. The only heroes to have passed every test up to this point, and now stand between the other and the title of “Hero Melee Madness Champion.” Both are well known for taking punishment and continuing on, but they do it in distinctly different styles. Lady Grey stalks her prey, seeming to bask in the punishment her opponents try to dish out, only to rise from her darkness to strike her opponent down. Positron comes out blazing, wrapping the enemy up in a tornado of green mist, wearing them down with bolt after bolt of charged energy and using that same energy on himself to avoid attacks and heal the damage to his armor.

As the opening horn sounds, neither of these heroes is rushing forward. Lady Grey is even adjusting the wispy garment around her fingertips – but don’t let that fool you, folks. You can see in her eyes how seriously she’s taking this match up! There’s the darkness starting to gather around her! It’s swirling… ah! There’s the green glow – it’s mixed into the shadows around Lady Grey and Positron is laughing as he swoops by, just out of reach of the Lady’s dark touch. The glow from Positron’s radiation is swirling around Lady Grey just as fast as the tendrils of darkness – making it impossible for her to hide in the darkness! Right from the beginning, our armored hero has negated one of the dark one’s greatest strengths. How will she respond now that she’ll have to work twice as hard to spring her attacks?

Oh my! Positron crashes to the ground! Wait, Lady Grey didn’t move! She’s not that fast, is she? Has she developed super speed? No! It’s Stratosphere! He’s here to help his patron against Positron, and that stunning attack of his has allowed Lady Grey to slip back into the shadows and begin striking out with the darkness itself. Positron is pulling himself boom beach hacks back to his feet, and reaches out his hand to restart his radiation attack on Lady Grey. The green glow starts swirling through the darkness and any moment now we should see… them fly? Stratosphere has lept in front of Positron’s infectious attack and has pulled the disabling energies away from Lady Grey! That black fire burns behind her eyes as she fires attack after attack at Positron, beating him down. The energies are beginning to slip through that armor of his, but he’s rolling away

Where is he looking? Ah, he’s focused on Stratosphere, circling above the arena, drawing that noxious energy as far from his mistress as possible. Now Positron is launching himself upwards towards the sidekick. Is this wise? He’s completely ignoring Lady Grey – isn’t she the much greater threat here? She’s already back to full strength and firing one attack after another at Positron. With a quick one-two of energy-laced punches, Stratosphere plummets to the ground and now we’re back to our original two, though positron is clearly battered and bruised. Well, battered anyhow. I assume he’s bruised, but who really knows under that suit…

The radiation has started swirling around Lady Grey again, and the battle has been rejoined between the two combatants. The Lady is firing strike after strike at Positron who is energizing as hard as he can to keep himself standing and still strike out at the lady so that she also has to heal. Lady Grey closes the distance between them and unleashes a furious flurry of blows – Positron’s energy helps him slip past the life siphon strike, but she slips in a stunning brawl that has staggered Positron back and his energies no longer swirl around her. This must be it! Wait – he grabbed her hand on that punch. He’s not letting go! The energies releasing from his armor are now coursing across Lady Grey’s body, lighting her like a torch! The darkness is trying to hold on, but it is stripped away by the radiation! That’s it! It’s all over! Positron has turned ON the lights and can stagger away from this battle as our champion! All hail Positron!

Winner: Positron


Here’s everyones’ final totals, for those that are curious: click HERE.

Every year in March, we celebrate college basketball by making wild predictions based on far too little information, and a wonderful time is had by all. Inspired by this, we decided we wanted to run our own tournament, and then hold a contest we call “The Hero Melee Madness Contest” where you, the fans try to predict the outcome of our little tournament.

Click here for information about the Madness.

Final Leaderboard
1st 769 David Stirm
NE 745 David Williams
2nd 741 Joe Biscuiti
3rd 740 Jeff Baciak
NE 740 Shem
4th 739 Russel Ricks
5th 730 Mike Auth
6th 728 Craig Yoshihara
(NE = Not eligible)

One thing to note is that Shem is outside of North America so technically he can’t be one clash of clans astuce gemmes of our winners. All of the top six finishers will receive a City of Heroes(r) ccg tshirt, license plate frame and a copy of the collector’s edition of City of Villains(tm) from NC Soft. David Stirm, Joe Biscuiti and Jeff Baciak will also be receiving a full foil set of the base set of City of Heroes(r) ccg! Congratulations to all of these players for doing a great job predicting our tournament

On the opposite end of the scale, congratulations to Mathew Silverman who locked up first place in the “Madest prediction” with a whopping 342 points! That’s a really terrible set of predictions there, Matthew, and for that you’ll be getting your very own copy of the City of Villains(tm) Collector’s Edition!

Most of all, thanks to everyone that made this a really fun promotion! We hope that everyone had as good a time with it as we did. Go ahead and start sending in your ideas for the next contest like this we should run!

Here’s everyones’ final totals, for those that are curious: click HERE.

Some people have asked what random cards were found in each of the tournament Battle Packs. Our own intrepid reporter Danny “The Greek” went snooping through the super hero lockerroom to find out!Click HERE to see previous match reports.
Click HERE to see how the fans handicaped the first round matchups.

Tournament Organizers

Did you know there is now a FREE supplemental prize kit available for your City of Heroes CCG Tournaments? That’s right, exclusive promo cards are contained in each kit and include a two copies of a prize card (1 for first place and one for the TO) and 12 copies of a participation card.

Available NOW. Go to to register your events or sign up as a Tournament Organizer.

Wanted: New City of Heroes Players

AEG’s new Bounty Program launches this week with the City of Heroes Retail Store Bounty. This unique program puts a Bounty Kit in participating locations that includes CoH Battle Packs to teach new players the game and an opportunity for ordinary fans to become AEG Bounty Hunters and claim the reward of FREE City of Heroes booster packs. Get your retailer involved!

City of Heroes Named Best CCG


Las Vegas, N.V., March 15, 2006 – The City of Heroes®, collectible card game, designed and published by Alderac Entertainment Group as a licensed property of the multi-award winning online computer game from NCsoft and Cryptic Studios collected the first major award of its own this week, as it was named “Best CCG” in the 2006 fan awards by Inquest Gamer magazine. Read the rest of this entry »

CoH CCG Technical Rules Sheet

City of Heroes Technical Rules Sheet (114 KB PDF)

CoH CCG Rules Sheet

CoH CCG Rules Sheet (3.3 MB PDF)

Force Bubble and Confuse Errata

Force Bubble and Confuse have been errataed. Printable versions of the changed cards are available for download

Confuse Errata
Force Bubble Errata

Missing Card PDFs

Revive and Foot Stomp were accidentally dropped from the City of Heroes CCG (though they do appear as foils). Until a base set reprint, you can use the following PDFs:

Revive (470 KB PDF)
Foot Stomp (600 KB PDF)